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problems facing the Virginia Beach + Kansas City communities


the lives of everyone the foundation touches


those up who need encouragement and guidance


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Derrick Nnadi

Derrick Nnadi is currently a defensive tackle playing in the National Football League for the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2018, the Chiefs drafted Derrick out of Florida State with their 3rd pick of the NFL Draft.

Community MVP.jpg

Derrick’s father taught him at a young age that ‘As Nnadi’s we don’t receive, we give’ and The Derrick Nnadi Foundation embodies that mantra through all of the work that it does.

KC Wins.jpg

Since then, he has not only performed at a high-level on the field, but also off the field. Derrick won NFLPA Community MVP Week 0 to get the 2019 season kicked-off.

Happy Nnadi Days 1.jpg
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